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Black and White Minster Show

Image of CrimeFighters

Under the Radar


World Premiere

Miles Watts/ UK 2010/ 80 mins/ tbc

So what should you expect from a little black & white indy film set in York, with no big actors, no special effects and a budget of about 25p? Rubbish right? Wrong! CrimeFighters is a fun, goofy and cool Britflick with as many laughs as you will find in anywhere at this year’s EIFF.

Director Miles Watts succeeds in making York look spooky, glamorous and humdrum all at the same time, and captures that feeling of 20 something ennui that comes from working in a soul sucking job five days a week, punctuated only by weekends of warm beer and mini cheddars down the pub. Three friends want something more, and with a crime-wave sweeping the streets of York, they get it. They decide to become CrimeFighters, complete with costumes, masks, karate and business cards. Sure the set up is a bit ponderous, and the acting is ropey in places, but it’s impossible not to be won over by CrimeFighters’ laid back exuberance, snappy script and geeky, loveable characters. Crimefighters is like a Pizza Express 2 for 1 deal- good quality on a budget. And a genuine pleasure to watch.

Showing @ Filmhouse 25th June 21.45